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Certified Nurse Midwife, Rochester Hills, Michigan
Certified Nurse Midwife, Rochester, Michigan
Certified Nurse Midwife, Lake Orion, Michigan
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I have the best midwives ever! Besides allowing us to have the best possible natural birth ( which would have been a forced c-section with my old OB),yesterday at my 6 week checkup they surprised me with an hour massage gift certificate! How awesome are they?!? They have seriously be sooo helpful, informative, empowering, and just wonderful!! I cannot say enough great things about them or thank them enough! I would highly recommend them ( or the option of a midwife) to any pregnant woman. Pregnancy is such a life changing beautiful experience that's made even better when you're informed, allowed options and genuinely cared about

Thank you for giving Amanda and I the Birth we had hoped for but, honestly we had lost out hope on happening.  When asking questions to some folks we were told to do what they told us, because it's for the good of the baby and to not be selfish.  This is not how Chris and Tracie work, they were so very caring and compassionate, while being extremely knowledgeable and teaching us.  Every step before and during birth, they held our hands, explaining every single detail to the smallest degree. 

They are extremely caring and loving people who treated Amanda and my Daughter like their own kids. I could not have asked for a more magical or amazing birth in my wildest dreams. 

As a Dad, it's hard to feel like I'm an important piece of a birth. On TV, you stand there, hold your partners hand, and make funny breathing noises for them to replicate.  The reality was much different.  They supported me, providing me cue's to help my partner through the labor process.  I was able to see the whole magical birth process, even being softly guided to cut the umbilical cord.  As a Dad, I felt like I was such a big part of this whole process.  After speaking with friends, I know that had we gone another direction, my story and our birth would be completely different.